We pride ourselves on having a straight forward vission and strategy. Based on the values of the founding shareholders, they are clear, powerful and relevant to the business challenges of today and tomorrow. Together they form a compelling guide to what our goals are and how we will achieve them.

                          " To be the world's largest construction firm, providing the most creative and innovative services on a consistent basis, to be the company of first choice for all stakeholders through lean and agile processes"

The essence of vision centres on it becoming an Engineering Enterprise, driven by innovation and with technical excellence in design, manufacturing and construction at its core. Engineering excellence, coupled with pro-active adoption of beneficial new technologies and an active human capital agenda that attracts and develops the very best people to work with the company, are at heart of this trajectory. Building on the current momentum in the business this vision will allow us to create new and sustainable competitive advantages in the difficult market circumstances that are expected to persist over much of the coming period.

Guiding Principles

Integrity & respect

Our foremost standards of conduct in business


Collaboration & trust

A culture of collaboration, trust and sharing with everyone



Confidence in each other to deliver the most creative and innovative services to our clients



Attract and develop the best from the people