Urbanisation is a ineveitable, uncontrollable and a rapid growing phenomenon around the globe. Governments fail to keep pace with  the development of human resources with the challenges of urbanization. It has put immense pressure on the government resources and capabilities. This has led to an increasing demand for firms like us with specialized trained human resource to manage administration and government services.

"We manage your cities"

We address issues that are related to the most pressing problems of urban development word-wide, including environmental degradation, uncontrolled urban growth, insecure land tenure for the urban poor, inadequate decision making and planning systems, poor housing and working conditions, inadequate infrastructure, water and air pollution, waste and deteriorating historic areas. We aims to provide insights into workable, practice-oriented solutions for city management.


Our Urban Managment Services braodly include:


Urban Services


  • Front End Operations

  • Soild Waste Management

  • Sanitation Management

  • Water Management

  • Energy Management

  • Traffic Management

  • Disaster Management


Uran Policy Consultants


  • Policy Reforms

  • Financial Reforms 

  • Financial Management 

  • Capacity Building 

  • Administrative Decentralization


Urban Planning


  • Master Plans

  • Strategic Plans 

  • City Development Plans 

  • Urban & Regional Planning 

  • Urban Renewal