Niketan Enterprises delivers sustainable, high performance engineering and construction services. Our multi-disciplined network of professional engineers can design, contract and supervise engineering projects in the public and private sectors globally.


Engineering Expertise Excellence


At the heart of our approach is the unique Engineering Expertise Excellence, an in-house advisory body providing research, innovation, expertise, advice and direction to clients. The advisory body is responsible for driving our Design for Manufacture and Assembly, collaborating with global technology, supply chain and education partners to meet clients’ needs.


The team includes original thinkers in civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, process and materials engineering. They design new systems and approaches that build greater energy efficiency, durability, affordability and usability into the structures we deliver. They are experienced in working alongside client-side architectural and design consultants to better manage the risks and opportunities to create transformational outcomes that are beyond the reaches of other contractors.   

Our civil and structural engineering services range from feasibility and buildability studies, alternative design specifications based on  the wider application of offsite and modular solutions, through to site-based engineering project management, quality assurance testing and system commissioning and maintenance.


Mechanical and electrical engineering is an integral element of the company’s offering. We enable clients to control and optimise the performance of their facilities, making them more commercially and environmentally sustainable. Our engineers understand the ever changing technical landscape and can create the most practical and efficient solutions. 

Our specific skill sets in civil, structural, materials, mechanical, electrical, chemical and process engineering span the full project lifecycle, from concept feasibility and design services to contract preparation, engineering management, commissioning, operational upgrades and complex decommissioning.




Faced with unprecedented economic, social and technological change governments and organisations are challenging the construction industry to deliver higher quality, smarter solutions, faster and more cost-effectively. 

We have considerable knowledge and experience in meeting the multi-faceted business needs of our clients across major sectors covering residential, commercial, mixed-use, schools, hospitals, water, transport, oil & gas, mining and materials handling, and power.