Niketan Enterprises has a long and distinguished track record in the provision of investment and development services that meet the very specific goals and objectives of clients. Our expertise covers all procurement and contracting models, enhanced through experience across residential, mixed-use, transport, education and health facilities.
Public Private Partnerships PPP’s

We have taken initiative in the arrangement and management of Public Private Partnerships, delivering tangible benefits to the owners and users of hospitals, schools and transport facilities. In all our activities we bring a commercial perspective and integrated way of working based on collaboration, delivery excellence and sustainability. 


We aim to engage with Governments across the region on a wide range of investment backed options for major project delivery. Our self delivery capabilities give us a unique point of differentiation in the provision of end-to-end projects in this growing market, while our in house financial expertise ensures we are linked to the most innovative and reliable suppliers of international capital to bring schemes to life.

Our development philosophy is based on a commitment to delivering performance levels that meet or exceed our clients’ schedule, budget, quality, safety and sustainability goals. Experience has taught us that the most important component of a successful development is having the right people in place that implicitly understand and share our clients’ goals and ambitions.