Our global business consulting helps clients solve the complex challenges that reside at the intersection of business operations and real estate.  The World One Market practice specializes in assisting companies internationally to reduce their costs, minimize their risks and improve their overall operating efficiencies by optimizing the placement of their operations.

"Best Investment On Earth Is Earth"


We work with large corporate occupiers to help them expand, redeploy, or consolidate their operations across the global marketplace. Our professionals assist your company in various ways, from a high-level, multimarket / country analysis to the development of site specific strategies. 


We create and implement portfolio-wide office occupancy plans and location strategies that will help you from start up to break down. Our team that can analyze, develop, and implement a network-wide optimization of your manufacturing and distribution operations, and that possesses a thorough understanding of industrial investment decisions that lower costs, maximize operational requirements, and minimize risks.


We reduce your upfront capital expenditures and long-term operating costs, we secure national, regional, or local economic development incentives from governments, property owners, and service providers across the globe. 


Our analysis of your current corporate real estate use and supply chain logistics can help you identify opportunities to redeploy business functions to low-cost and low-risk locations, or simply point out efficiency loss areas that we help you to contain.