Niketan Enterprises Private Limited is a registered Company under Companies Act, 2013 and limited by shares.


CIN: U45400PN2015PTC157408


Incorporated on 3 December, 2015; the founding Directors of the company  have established Corporate Governance Strucutre in accordance with Company Law, Security Law and other laws or regulations. Three special committees have been set up under the Directors as the Strategy & Decision-making Committee, the Auditing Committee, and the Personnel and Remuneration Committee. Specific rules of procedures and working processes have been made for the General meeting, the Directors and the Supervision Committee, formulating standardized operational mechanisms and coordinated operating practices. The senior executives of the Company are consisted of senior professionals in construction and other related industries, who hold high education degrees and mostly have 5 years of work experiences.


The Company has formulated and promulgated the Global Code of Conduct, which focuses on the provisions of financial transactions, related party transactions, information disclosure, insider trading and other important matters.