At  Niketan Enterpises, we believe in constantly reinventing ourselves to overcome the challenges of a dynamic business environment and ensure sustainable expansion, excellence, inclusion, equality and efficiency are our core values. These are backed with strong and a well defined long-term vision, which has led us to become one of the leading business conglomerates.We are a dominant force with expertise spanning across Constructions, Real Estate, and Facility Management Services.  

Concentrated on selected markets we serve global, regional and local needs of our customers. With a focus on green construction, ethics, occupational health and safety, Niketan Enterprises offers competitive solutions for our clients to develop, operate and maintain assets creating unmatched value.



We endeavor to bring about innovation by providing incomparable value combined with flexibility and risk-taking ability. We also believe in leadership by delivering exceptional performance in every domain and corporate responsibility via service to society. We are committed to achieve excellence in all businesses that Niketan Enterprises ventures into, with the objective of becoming an organization that all its employees and associates are proud of.